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Starweld boasts the latest software from Solidworks and Autodesk, printers up to A1 paper size, and 3d printing technology. Along with a wealth of industry knowledge, our team of design engineers at Starweld Engineering can turn your concepts into

3D reality ready for your approval. Our service can be used as part of our design  and build engineering and fabrication

service or as a standalone design service.

3D Drafting Service:

Our 3D drafting service allows clients to visualise their concept as a finished product, allowing the design engineer to spot defects easily and modify the design where necessary. Using rendering techniques we can place these 3D models in realistic environments.

2D Drafting Service:

Our 2D drafting service ranges from drawing revisions through to entire design projects. We can produce a range of views & elevations

as well as site layouts to meet your requirements.

Engineering Design Analysis:

Simulation  can analyse the strengths of design by adding multiple loading conditions. We can test against a broad range of parameters during the design process, such as durability, static and dynamic loads & heat transfer. By doing this we can detect potential faults and weaknesses in the design before the manufacturing process begins, saving the customer both time and money.

Redraw Service/ 2D to 3D Conversions:

With 2D to 3D conversion, old paper drawings or 2D CAD files can be modelled and saved in a 3D format. In a world where 3D CAD is becoming the industry standard you can ensure that your designs are future proof.

Tooling Design:

Our designers have experience designing various tooling including: forging dies, press tooling, casting moulds and machine tooling.

Turnkey Design:

Sheffield CAD Services also offer a turn key project design service and can also quote to manufacture products through our trusted group of fabricators, machinists and electrical contractors.

Plotting Services:

Service available from our office, print size up to A1.


3D Rapid Prototyping:

We  offer 3D printed parts in a variety of colours. Max dimensions -  285mm (W) x 153mm (D) x 155mm (H).

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