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Starweld undertake many design, fabrication, welding and engineering projects. This can involve working from customer drawings, or providing a complete design and build service. No fabrication or welding job is considered too small, and we can accept work in both our workshop or for our mobile fabrication and welding service. Below are a few of our many projects, all of which employ our core offerings of steel fabrication and welding, aluminium fabrication and welding, CAD Design, precision engineering and manufacturing/batch production

Nuclear Waste Transfer Flasks

Steel Fabrication // Aluminium Fabrication // CAD Design // Precision Engineering

Steel Welding // Aluminium Welding

A prestigious nuclear research facility had a requirement for two  stainless steel vessels, which would be filled with lead to provide radiation protection. The job involved the manufacture of stainless steel cylinders, along with associated lifting lugs, test ports

and liners.


Whilst drawings were supplied by the client, Starweld used up to date CAD software, to model the finished item, which showed specific stresses that may be placed upon the structure during the build. When the client was notified of the modifications required

they were subsequently approved.


Given the nature of the end use, the quality and integrity of the build was imperative. Starweld were able to work to all specified tolerances in the fabrication and all relevant weld codes. Full NDT testing was carried out following the build.


The success of the project has lead to Starweld securing a repeat order for the same items and also work of a similar nature.

Steel Balance Weight Manufacture

Manufacturing/Batch Production // Cutting  // Drilling

A Rotherham based manufacturer supplying products to the timber window industry,

were looking for a manufacturing facility to undertake the production of balance weights. This involved the sourcing of steel stock, cutting to weight, drilling, marking and clean up of approximately 250 tons annually of finished product.


Starwelds connections with the U.Ks biggest steel stockholders, allowed material to be sourced at the most competitive rates. Combined with automated cutting and drilling processes, this enabled the production of these weights to be carried out with maximum cost and time efficiency, which allowed costs to be cut to a level where market entry was possible, taking sales of this product form zero to 250tons annually.

Heat Treatment Furnace (plus ancillaries) Design & Build

Steel Fabrication // CAD Design // Precision Engineering // Steel Welding

A multi-national comany specialising in forged products were looking for a steel fabrication company to design and manufacture a number of heat treatment furnaces and ancillary equipment.

Our design engineers at Starweld are fully experienced in the design of this type of furnace and were able to offer a full design and build service. All relevant parameters were taken into account and designs were modelled in 3D, using the latest software from Solidworks. This enabled any thermal stresses to be shown in the design and modifications made where needed. Following design approval, Starwelds steel fabrication and welding team ensured that the design brief was met in reality. Ancillary parts were also designed and manufactured by our precision engineering department. With the main furnace body fabricated in our own workshop, we shipped the body to clients own site for installation and commissioning. Our team of mobile fabricators and welders completed the assembly to deadlines set by the client. 

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